Spitting [verb]

Definition of Spitting:

eject saliva or substance

Synonyms of Spitting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spitting:

Sentence/Example of Spitting:

Big drops of rain fell about me, spitting the dust like spent balls.

These, from their spitting proclivities, might be called Spitfires.

In other words, though excellent for hawking, they are too tough for spitting.

There was a tremendous snarling and spitting and screeching.

His eyes gleamed like two lamps and he was spitting fire and flame from his maw.

Apparently he was at his ease again, for he took to spitting on the floor.

McGregor remarked, spitting a wad of chewing tobacco on to the floor.

"Be sure av that," said Terence, spitting over the edge of the verandah.

Reeling and spitting he stumbled toward the bed and fell on it.

The dragon was spitting fire from every one of its seven heads.