Splashy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Splashy:

It was in his view 'splashy,' and would never get hold of the public.

It was a dark night, the beginning of November, wet and splashy.

But there are other things that like to feel the warm, splashy drops.

The head-sea, in little, splashy waves, began to fill my canoe.

The staining was not difficult work but the nails made it splashy and we were pretty well spotted when we finished.

A Dingy, swashy, splashy afternoon in October; a school-yard filled with a mob of riotous boys.

As residence area, it was splashy; a series of interlocked estates rather than expensive mansions packed closely together.

The sunset had become a splashy crimson affair, perhaps a bit too theatrical.

Both the Hotel Continental and the Meurice across the road are supposed to be particularly fine and "splashy."

Would make a harkangel a porkypine; speshul if you've a lamp broke, and the branches are splashy.