Splattering [verb]

Definition of Splattering:


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Sentence/Example of Splattering:

A splattering fire of musketry now broke out from the brigantine.

The women and children were certainly a drawback; stray bullets have an uncomfortable knack of splattering in anywhere.

Sharp pieces of ice were suddenly pelting, raining down all around them, splattering the ground with a harsh, bouncing clatter.

I never saw such a busy place as that splattering old ship slowly wallowing her way south toward the tropical seas.

Mud lay deep in the alley and The Skipper sloshed through it, splattering Sam's clothes and face.

The house was silent save for the wind outside, and the noisy trickling and splattering of water in the water-butts.

Four bullets whizzed into the control room, splattering close about the thin mummy-like body of Koo Faya.

Some black mud and water splashed from Bunny's net, some splattering on Sue's dress.

Clouds which had been collecting in the sky began a splattering downpour.

A blast of canister swept through, cutting down shrubs, splattering the mud, and shrieking viciously.