Splay [adjective]

Definition of Splay:

clumsy, awkward

Synonyms of Splay:

Opposite/Antonyms of Splay:

Sentence/Example of Splay:

Norman windows have only one splay on the internal side of the building.

Like the jambs, the arch has a splay which is divided into small panels.

Does your worship mean to geld and splay all the youth of the city?

The window in the east wall has its head and splay of a single stone.

No variation, no change; the art of it is to keep almost to the same groove, and not to make the figure broad and splay.

A figure in the splay of the E. window has been carefully erased by some "conscientious objector."

I shall try to cut in a sloping way to splay the board if I can, so that it will fit better when we put it back—if we get one out.

Such a collection of splay feet, puffed joints, and misshapen limbs was assuredly never before made within so small a compass.

And tell Harrington to shove his own cold, splay fingers into his own pockets for a change.

As against this they have, unless very carefully bred, a lightness of bone and a tendency to splay feet and flat sides.