Splayed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Splayed:

He looked him over, with open contempt, from bald head to splayed feet.

The hoop on which he was splayed turned slowly one way and then back the other.

Their jambs are splayed at an angle that would allow about 12 ins.

The Perpendicular clearstorey windows have their rims moulded, but are not splayed.

I should also observe another feature common to both these windows, namely, that it is only the jambs that are splayed.

The puffin carries them “splayed” out on each side of his tail, and so also do his kinsmen, the razor-bills, and guillemots.

Windows are splayed in the interior, and in the more important buildings are enriched with shafts and moulded arches.

The Church of Notre Dame is really a grand structure, with its fine showing of splayed buttresses.

Captain Forrester was kneeling on the resin testing his hocks for sprains with splayed fingers, his features twitching.

He came back to find Mimi splayed across the whole bed, occupying its length and breadth, a faintly naughty smile on her face.