Splendidly [adverb]

Definition of Splendidly:


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Sentence/Example of Splendidly:

Her mother thought she had never heard her sing so splendidly before.

Michael Angelo and Raphael could work as splendidly as they desired.

Then came a fine troop all in red, nobly and splendidly clad.

The day began so splendidly, so big with promise of great ideas.

The river-god entertained him splendidly, and thanked him as best he knew how.

The Earl has been so charming and everything has turned out so splendidly.

How splendidly Lee's movements have been arrested by that demonstration!

A fine, strapping trio they were, splendidly horsed and admirably equipped.

The drawing-room into which he was shown was large and splendidly furnished.

"You did it splendidly, Jim," he drawled, when he could speak.