Splendiferous [adjective]

Definition of Splendiferous:

bright, radiant

Synonyms of Splendiferous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Splendiferous:









Sentence/Example of Splendiferous:

The slope of College Hill would be just splendiferous for that!

Do you mean that you will let me wear that splendiferous costume?

Did the orbs of splendiferous Sol give a wink as they ranged into reach?

If she don't want to put on this splendiferous dress again, why it shall not come within a rod of her.

They seem to be saying 'We were invited—and by this splendiferous creature at our side!'

One can only use its author's own word of a sermon by Dean Inge and say it is "splendiferous."

You see, we went out to gather grapes in the wood one day, and we had a splendiferous time.

Others are made up of common roots and grotesque affixes: swelldoodle, splendiferous and peacharino.

I want to write something most splendiferous to-day, and I am sure to find it in your face.