Splendor [noun]

Definition of Splendor:

radiance, glory

Synonyms of Splendor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Splendor:

Sentence/Example of Splendor:

Now, far be it from us to belittle the splendor of this scientific vision.

The vegetation was extravagant in its luxuriance and splendor.

The virility of a country is worth more than the splendor of its monuments.

But no one thought of this; all were too much overcome by the splendor of the Major's presence.

The splendor of the empire under Napoleon had no attractions for him.

The splendor of this creation transcends all attempts of interpretation in language.

The splendor of these salons, indeed, quite exceeds description.

She neither is to be dazzled by the splendor nor excited by the ambitions of the great world.

There were those found who could not endure the splendor of his success; these calumniated.

The kingdom of Granada was now at the height of its splendor.