Splenetic [adjective]

Definition of Splenetic:

crabby, temperamental

Opposite/Antonyms of Splenetic:

Sentence/Example of Splenetic:

Which speaks of an intemperance in the splenetic parenchyma; that is to say, the spleen.

All this while, moreover, they were secretly composing their splenetic "Journal."

It is in vain to combat the prejudice of splenetic aversion.

For those are my sentiments in that splenetic humour, which governs me at present.

No, I was not splenetic; you see what plunges the Court has been at to set all right again.

Kohl believes that it is to the presence of the spores that the occurrence of splenetic fever appears to be referable.

Many of his correspondents will be anonymous, and too many of them splenetic.

They ask only that the State should not, like a splenetic papa, be too cross.

At bottom he was only a splenetic sceptic, sincere only in his self-idolatry.

The actor grew moody, splenetic, and gave way to insobriety.