Splinter [noun]

Definition of Splinter:

thin piece of solid

Synonyms of Splinter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Splinter:


Sentence/Example of Splinter:

It turned out that a splinter of iron wire had penetrated the core.

His body seemed to break and splinter, and he sprawled forward on the sand.

Would the teeth of a crocodile not splinter under that word?

But Splinter added a few words of his own and they became quieter.

One day Falk came upon a man gnawing a splinter of pine wood.

Similarly, a splinter, if not removed and cleansed, will produce a pus-forming wound.

A splinter of fir was burning in the cresset, and the fire was lighted in the stove.

A bullet chipped away a splinter of wood beside me as I ran.

He had already been badly wounded in the head by a splinter.

One day an Indian ran a splinter far into his foot, inflicting a very serious wound.