Splintered [verb]

Definition of Splintered:

break into thin, small pieces

Synonyms of Splintered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Splintered:




Sentence/Example of Splintered:

Then we splintered the hot stone by throwing water on it, and dug out the splinters.

In a fury he flung the glass from him, so that it crashed and splintered upon the floor.

She was trying to clamber through a trellis of iron and splintered wood.

No, he says it is certainly not broken, but it may be splintered.

To pierce it would have splintered to pieces the sharpest sword.

They met in the midst with so great a shock that their spears were splintered.

Just under the brow, on a splintered and creviced ledge, was the nest of the eagles.

Even then the lower arris (corner) is likely to be splintered off.

Every long sentence he uttered was full of splintered grammar.

These bones might be further utilized, they might be splintered and sharpened into daggers.