Splintery [adjective]

Definition of Splintery:

knifelike, cutting

Synonyms of Splintery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Splintery:

Sentence/Example of Splintery:

The nature of the bark is known by its splintery, fibrous, or corky texture.

It is rarely used for inside finishing, owing to its brittle and splintery character.

The next rock is a porphyritic horn-stone, and splintery horn-stone.

Hornstone occurs under three modifications; splintery hornstone, conchoidal hornstone, and woodstone.

A brittle wood breaks suddenly with a clean instead of a splintery fracture and without warning.

Yes, over the surface of the water radiated a ferny, splintery film, which was ice.

Hornstone is more brittle than flint and has a splintery rather than a conchoidal fracture.

But on December 19th came another dreadful and splintery packing-case.

Calcareous incrustations, including fragments of madrepores, and of shells, cemented by splintery carbonate of lime.

At Point Deas Thompson the limestone re-appears, having reddish-brown and flesh-red colours, and a splintery fracture.