Splits [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Splits:

I think I'm just a split second surer and faster than you are with a gun.

Yet it must have taken not more than the split part of a second.

The rest they'll split up into several farms and rent for the present.

A little later the larboard fore-sheet went, and the sail was split.

Do not split it in half when you dish it, as is the practice with some cooks.

Put them, one at a time, into the cleft or split end of the larding-needle.

Pigeons may be split and broiled, like chickens; also stewed or fricasseed.

Divide them in pieces and split them, or cut them into slices.

Send them to table hot, and split them by pulling open with your hands.

Cut off the bills and split the heads; and cut the necks and gizzards into mouthfuls.