Spoils [noun]

Definition of Spoils:

possessions stolen or gained

Synonyms of Spoils:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spoils:


Sentence/Example of Spoils:

"Spoils the hoof to put the knife on the sole, Buck," said the smith.

There they sat down around a council table, and there they divided the spoils.

Leave these to parties contending for office, as the "spoils of victory."

Out of so many conquests and the spoils of conquered cities!

Maria Novella, while it spoils the classical ornaments of the mouldings.

"We hear this is a religion which spoils our Caste," they say, and that is the end of it.

Do all men make them better, and is there only some one that spoils them?

And so they departed on the horses that they kept as the spoils of war.

For the present then they retired as if they meant to do battle for the spoils.

They have already divided the spoils of the Protestants; that is, in theory.