Spoilt [verb]

Definition of Spoilt:

ruin, hurt

Synonyms of Spoilt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spoilt:

Sentence/Example of Spoilt:

I went to my sister Eliza, and I said: 'Some way or another, you've spoilt my life.

It can't spoil anything now to tell you, because everything is spoilt.

"You spoilt him, Jenkins; that's the fact," observed Mr. Galloway.

It is not only nonsense, but blasphemy, to say that man has spoilt the country.

He has only put four windows in, the villain, and spoilt it!'

They have failed in everything, spoilt everything, as though out of pleasure.

If you'd had your way, you'd have spoilt the fun to come, and ruined us.'

Perhaps if Vicky had been a boy she would have been spoilt and selfish too.

He saw himself as he had really been—selfish, unreasonable, and spoilt.

You see, Mother was far too strong and wise to spoil me as little Fay is spoilt.