Spoliation [noun]

Definition of Spoliation:

dirtiness, contamination

Synonyms of Spoliation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spoliation:

Sentence/Example of Spoliation:

Her ruse of spoliation within the law was evidence of her shrewdness, nothing more.

Ages of spoliation and cruelty and wrong had done their work.

We believed this policy to be our only safeguard from spoliation, and in that we were right.

Yet the spoliation on the spot was emphasized and even put first in the demand.

The only difference is that Spoliation has changed her agent.

The Devil, you will say, because it is he who implants in our hearts the spirit of spoliation.

Spoliation not only displaces wealth, but always destroys a portion.

Why, for the same reason: they want to continue the spoliation of the people.

But human reason cannot recognize this spoliation of the Deity.

He declared that the rapacious course of the railroads in Georgia had been spoliation.