Sponge [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sponge:

When and how is sponge cake taken from the pan in which it is baked?

But that first case died because a sponge had been left in the operating field.

I hated him for this, as though the sponge had been Rachel's heart.

Take a basin of water and a sponge, Fred, and wash the dust off.

Add it gradually, stirring your flour into the sponge at the same time.

This is the sponge, and will take about eight hours, or all day, to rise.

Spread the jam at the bottom, and lay on it the sponge cakes, cut in halves.

Mix with the sugar and milk, and pour over the sponge cakes.

Have ready two sponge biscuits soaked in a quarter of a pint of cream, bruise them fine and stir them into the sugar and butter.

No matter whether I can walk or not I shan't stay and sponge on you.