Spongy [adjective]

Definition of Spongy:

cushioned, absorbent

Synonyms of Spongy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spongy:

Sentence/Example of Spongy:

The loaves will be found to rise well in the oven, to be more light and spongy, and also whiter than bread in the common way.

The stem is shorter than the diameter of the cap, smooth, white, and solid or spongy.

(g) The spongy lead may be bulged, or the positives may be buckled.

Wood soft, that of the roots light and spongy and used for corks.

This is due to the action between the spongy lead and the electrolyte.

They are hardest and most solid on their surfaces, and hollow, or spongy, inside.

The track that was parched and spongy has now become soft and slippery.

Rasco tried to run up the spongy incline and sank to his knees.

But the wood was decayed; it was so soft and spongy it would not support his weight.

When the gums are spongy, they should be frequently pricked with a lancet.