Sponsored [verb]

Definition of Sponsored:

help, promote

Synonyms of Sponsored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sponsored:

Sentence/Example of Sponsored:

He felt that he had sponsored and developed the lame man as a detective.

The act was his; a greater mind than his, though, had sponsored the act.

Radio communication, vehicle driving, marksmanship, and many other subjects are sponsored at year-round classes in local areas.

The thing read like a Chamber of Commerce bulletin that had been sponsored by a subdivider.

Summer camps, rallies and fairs were also sponsored by 4-H Clubs.

He had sponsored An as a counterbalance against the western gentry.

We're sponsored on four continents and we damwell have to put on a show!

The principle had appeared in most of the bills that he had sponsored or supported.

As I recall, it was a civic breakfast, sponsored by the local civic group or groups.

Oyster suppers were a regional specialty held all over the county, of which Floris sponsored its share.