Sponsoring [verb]

Definition of Sponsoring:

help, promote

Synonyms of Sponsoring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sponsoring:

Sentence/Example of Sponsoring:

We are sponsoring a contest among those members who are interested in forestry.

So our captain says he will defeat Stonewall Cogswell in return for you sponsoring his becoming a member of the nation's elite.

The article described how some of the most prominent women in metropolitan society were sponsoring the dances.

He said he was paying the standard room and food rate, and said "I want to make it clear they are not sponsoring me."

He hoped that in case I did push off I wouldn't disgrace myself—and him, who was sponsoring me, so to speak—by not keeping going.

There was a crippled child in some hospital, the sad spawn of a weak relation, that Madge was sponsoring.

Virginia colleges and universities also keep the theater alive by sponsoring dramatics classes, workshops and plays.

We also would like to acknowledge the support and role of the National Defense University in sponsoring this first effort.

(h) Sponsoring training to help improve the competence of specialized enforcement and other technical personnel.

Evidently, Ilya Simonov decided, whoever was sponsoring this night's get together, was a man of prominence.