Sponsorship [noun]

Definition of Sponsorship:


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Sentence/Example of Sponsorship:

Like historic explorers, they could have obtained subsidization and sponsorship.

If I had not known that it was an American settlement, I would have sensed its sponsorship.

I see no reason why some form of sponsorship should not be demanded.

May I inquire if the sponsorship is official, personal, social, or all three?

Our sponsorship of such use has benefited our relations with other countries.

He apparently had no objection to the mailing abroad of the magazine which was being published under his sponsorship.

Nichols had recently toured military bases under Defense Department sponsorship.

If this change last longer than that and his white looks, I shall not even grudge him the sponsorship Amy owed me.'

A lady never calls on another under the sponsorship of a gentleman—unless he is her husband or father.