Spooky [adjective]

Definition of Spooky:


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Sentence/Example of Spooky:

"I hate to go through the grove, it's so spooky," she said, as they hurried along.

“What a horrid, spooky place,” she spoke with a shiver, peering within.

Feel how the bridge shakes in the wind; it's kind of spooky like, hey?

We'll make the whole thing as spooky and mysterious as we can.

It was spooky in the rooms upstairs, and equally spooky in the ones downstairs.

Gives a chap a bit of a spooky feeling, all this, doesn't it?

“Spooky business, being here alone in this cave,” he thought.

“This is a spooky place after dark,” she thought uncomfortably.

Now when we got to Skeleton Cove we saw it was all shady and spooky, like.

And hearing him speak gave her a spooky feeling all up and down her spine.