Spool [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Spool:

A searchlight was on a tripod at the center, and a spool of electric cable.

Guide it to its place with the thumb, and run it from side to side of the reel like cotton on a spool.

Oh, look at the kitten chasing the spool, all in electric lights!

Put a spool over the nail which was your fulcrum in the first two experiments.

Pass the string through the handle of the pail and up over the spool (Fig. 33).

Judith came back with the spool and a yellow envelope which she had signed for.

Marcus got ready, moving to the front of the machine, feeling the spool in his pocket.

The spool itself was another thing Chloe had helped him with.

Yes, there was a spool among other odds and ends in a Japanese boat-basket.

D is a spool, and the lines C represent a thread at different positions.