Sporadic [adjective]

Definition of Sporadic:

occurring irregularly ; on and off

Synonyms of Sporadic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sporadic:

Sentence/Example of Sporadic:

Under its sporadic breezes, as it turned, the ward was trying to sleep.

Even in New England there was sporadic revolt from the beginning.

To be sure, there are some sporadic efforts, mere reiterations.

And those other, sporadic members of our system, comets and meteors, what are they?

At first resistance to Western encroachment was sporadic and unco-ordinated.

Of course, there may be sporadic cases of it, but that is all.

But these manifestations of activity have been fitful and sporadic.

These sporadic warnings seem likely to ripen at last into action.

The sporadic stories in his books are funny because, at least, we can believe them to be true.

It is so only when the persecution is sporadic and fitful: storms succeeded by sunshine.