Sportsman [noun]

Definition of Sportsman:

a person who hunts

Synonyms of Sportsman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sportsman:


Sentence/Example of Sportsman:

He was by no means what is termed a sportsman, yet he was somewhat fond of shooting.

He was as a sportsman, for it would not do to rouse suspicion.

These are small matters, perhaps, but your sportsman cannot be too accurate.

Then as Col was a sportsman, and had powder on board, I figured that we might be blown up.

But the sportsman knew that he had shot a deer, and a deer was all he saw.

The scholar in him had completely got the better of the sportsman.

Then the sportsman guessed that he had before him no mere moujik, but a Léshy.

After him ran the dog in pursuit, and after the dog followed the sportsman.

The French ask for a duellist as the English ask for a sportsman.

Sportsman (whose opponent has just achieved the hole in one).