Sporty [adjective]

Definition of Sporty:

casual; flashy

Synonyms of Sporty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sporty:


Sentence/Example of Sporty:

"I'm sorry I did, now; honest I am," was the sporty man's answer.

Why, Langridge and that sporty new chum of his may slip in and damage it.

Regarding Parkins as a rich man, and sporty, he took the offer.

Besides, one place was as sporty as the other, if that was what you wanted.

“Sure,” replied Merkle, one of the sportiest of sporty seniors.

The Mexican has gone after me a pass, but he says you look too sporty.

We proposed to be sporty and practice only the "still-hunting" method.

Like its antithesis, "lose out," this reasonless phrase is of sport, "sporty."

He went with a new set, now, young unmarried fellows who were "sporty."

How she ever came to take up with the sporty Horace, or he with her, was a seven-days' wonder.