Spots [noun]

Definition of Spots:

mark, stain

Synonyms of Spots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spots:

Sentence/Example of Spots:

In one or two spots the water ran over, and those spots were slippery.

But the way was rugged, broken, and in spots nearly impassable.

I listened long and intently to speech I could not understand—or but in spots.

Threes or fours I think, but four of the cards had a like number of spots.

Sometimes you remind me—in spots, as it were—of George Sand.

The leopard may or may not change his spots, but I sha'n't. I like this one and here I stay.

While they were in the carriage the clouds had been gathering, and now some spots of rain were falling.

There were two or three spots which had become Albert Speranza's favorites.

It was also of pale pink, with spots on its print like little shells on a big scallop.

There are plenty of spots where she can be cast away safely and none to know it.