Spotted [adjective]

Definition of Spotted:


Synonyms of Spotted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spotted:


Sentence/Example of Spotted:

Here were two with wrists and sleeves all spotted with the ruddy grape juice.

It is most like a plucked pullet which has died of the spotted fever.

Frogs the frisky, frogs the spotted, were our comedy that day.

There is blood of mine, sir, Spotted all over the map of Europe.

He would be spotted, branded with the sign of infamy, hunted from the world!

Some damned Mercutian flying patrol had spotted us with their search beam.

It was spotted with green, and had red dots on its square head.

There are two sorts of Starlings in this country; one grey and spotted, and the other black.

The Honourable George was more than spotted—he was splotchy.

Spotted Callas are easily grown from seed if it is sown as soon as ripe.