Spotters [noun]

Definition of Spotters:

guard; place from which to guard

Synonyms of Spotters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spotters:

Sentence/Example of Spotters:

The spotter has to be the sort of man these ladies like, or else the Government will change his spots.

The Yankee spotter was in the treasure house of Ranch Robin.

"Yes, you," said the spotter, scowling at the weak outlines of Croly's countenance.

Alfabet was the only species of lizard on the pay roll—he was the West End spotter.

You may be a spotter, for all I know, but I don't care a hang.

You had a spotter working this up, I suppose: who is he, and where is he?

And in the meantime, if things panned, Jimmy could be useful as a spotter.

The tired-looking man on the street-car may, in fact, be a professional "spotter."

But when Croly approached the desk and reported forty-five the spotter pounced on him.

Pauduveris had been employed by the United Railroads as a “spotter.”