Spotty [adjective]

Definition of Spotty:

blotchy, irregular

Synonyms of Spotty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spotty:

Sentence/Example of Spotty:

Spotty appeared at the barn door, wagging his tail engagingly.

Spotty wagged his tail as they drove off, but he would not follow the wagon.

Spotty was apparently as glad to see them, and in his way tried to tell them so.

That's what those dirty, spotty looking things on the Hills call it.

Spotty the Turtle was also there, not to mention Longlegs the Heron.

Indeed they hold it complimentary even to a trout, to call him a "spotty."

Say, what puzzled me most about the whole business, though, was the new name they had for Spotty.

Even Spotty the Turtle smiled, which is very unusual for Spotty.

The trail was now quite clear to her; and it was clearly that of old “Spotty.”

Glaring contrasts, or "spotty" effects should be guarded against.