Spouting [verb]

Definition of Spouting:

spurt, emit

Synonyms of Spouting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spouting:

Sentence/Example of Spouting:

The thought set the geyser of his rage roaring and spouting in the face of heaven.

He had seen one spouting fire as he had voyaged on the pirate ship.

They have all been at work like her, spouting ashes and pumice and rocks and lava.

Upon the rug itself a stream of blood was spouting out of the air.

One of them, Steamboat Spring, was spouting at regular intervals as we passed.

So they both kept watch for some time, but neither of them saw any spouting.

"Who never knows when to leave off spouting," commented Master Jock.

Conn Maxwell knows better than this balderdash he's been spouting to you.

Strangling and choking, he came to the surface, spouting like a whale calf.

To be short, then, a whale is a spouting fish with a horizontal tail.