Sprain [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sprain:

I cried, as I pressed her to my breast, "it is nothing; only a sprain."

The injury to Justin's hand proved to be one of strain and sprain.

If I trained for a race, I was sure to sprain my ankle on the day when I was to run.

They watched him with some curiosity as he treated the sprain and studied the pulse.

It couldn't even have been a sprain, judging by the way he was standing there.

The ankle is treated as advised for sprain of that joint (p. 68).

This fracture might be taken for a dislocation or sprain of the ankle.

It happened that, some time after the curing of Darius's sprain, Atossa herself was sick.

A man may sprain his ankle, and certainly will knock his head.

It was in trying to recover himself when he fell that he got the sprain.