Sprang [verb]

Definition of Sprang:

jump, skip

Synonyms of Sprang:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sprang:



Sentence/Example of Sprang:

He sprang to the rock, and exerted his utmost strength to dislodge it.

I sprang to my feet and took immediate measures to extinguish the flames.

A look of surprise, mingled with consternation, sprang into Grace's eyes.

The devil saw his chance, sprang up, and mastered the father.

Gilder sprang to his feet, his face suddenly grown younger, radiant.

On the instant, he threw off his coat and sprang far out after the drifting body.

He sprang to the octagonal window, even as Dick took possession of the pistol.

Of a sudden, he sprang up, and stepped close to the Inspector.

He got to his feet with lithe swiftness of movement, and sprang close to the desk.

She sprang up to take my hand, her eyes shining with excitement.