Sprawled [verb]

Definition of Sprawled:

sit or lie spread out

Synonyms of Sprawled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sprawled:

Sentence/Example of Sprawled:

"With pleasure," said Renmark, sitting down, while the other sprawled at full length.

The men laid down their loads, and sprawled about in abandon.

He laughed ironically, and pushed her from him so suddenly that she sprawled upon the steps.

He retreated to the bed and sprawled over a group of the "Mystics."

Issy, sprawled on the bench by the wheel, was muttering to himself.

His body seemed to break and splinter, and he sprawled forward on the sand.

At the first whispering impact of the beam the Martian sprawled, dead.

Bentley watched him, sprawled now on the sidewalk, surrounded by a group of men.

They drifted to its surface and sprawled awkwardly where they fell.

Then we saw him lying nearby, sprawled face down on the floor!