Spray [noun]

Definition of Spray:

fine mist

Synonyms of Spray:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spray:


Sentence/Example of Spray:

From the wave of sound words spattered out and up like spray.

Aunt Rosine had put a spray of lilac in her bonnet, "to enliven her mourning," as she said.

"Thank you very much," said Dan, shaking the spray from his coat.

I gave her a spray of lilac, I remember, and you gave her a franc.

Blinded as he was by the rain and spray, he could distinguish nothing.

If these two kinds thriue, they reforme but a spray, and an vndergrowth.

I got up my jury rig—the oar and the spray shield—and took the helm.

Showers of spray flew about the heads of the pair on the seat.

Congealing drops of spray came like bullets: I recall that they hurt me.

Marion could fairly taste the spray of the Atlantic on the bathing beaches.