Spree [noun]

Definition of Spree:

wild activity

Synonyms of Spree:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spree:

Sentence/Example of Spree:

It was a spree I had had with the harbor, from the time I was seven until I was ten.

I thought of the years I had spent with Sam—and Sue, too, seemed to me to be having a spree.

He was having a spree with the harbor, as I had had when as small as he.

The company consisted of half-a-dozen Irish harvesters “on the spree.”

This was evidently going to be a spree on a most superb scale.

Bedad 'tis not the first time that Ballymurky's been on the spree.

They thought to have a bloomin' lark and two or three days' spree.

One day, after a spree, he went on the Board wild and flurried.

This was quite a spree for the General, and quite his own spree.

The Major was always a wag, ripe and ready for a spree or a lark.