Sprightliness [noun]

Definition of Sprightliness:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Sprightliness:

Sentence/Example of Sprightliness:

There were no traces of that beauty and sprightliness remaining.

The pulp is sweet and juicy but is lacking in sprightliness.

He wondered at the ability and the sprightliness of the little fellow.

"Andy, you dope," she whispered with a brave attempt at sprightliness.

And yet with what ease and sprightliness they chattered to him!

She has lost all her sprightliness, and vapours me but to look at her.

In compass, in melody, in sprightliness, it is a remarkable songster.

Never was the fandango danced with more grace and sprightliness.

If you have thought me happy heretofore, you will now be astonished at my sprightliness.

There was an absence of sprightliness in Gray's manner at the office that day.