Springboard [noun]

Definition of Springboard:

starting point

Synonyms of Springboard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Springboard:


Sentence/Example of Springboard:

The steel had seized on Peer, and used him as a springboard.

When you jump down on the end of a springboard, it throws you into the air.

First of all, there was a simple somersault from the springboard.

From the springboard of this incident, there emerged several occurrences of note.

The crosspiece at the rear is cut on the angle of the springboard.

There, just below them was the springboard an inch or two above the surface of the lake.

He may be thankful if the given palette of colors is rich, if the springboard is light.

It is the springboard on which they perform and parade their all embracing personalities.

The divers jump, feet first, out of the water to the springboard.

It gives him his springboard; and there's enough dry grass in both towns to get a big blaze with a very little match.