Sprinkled [verb]

Definition of Sprinkled:

scatter, disseminate

Synonyms of Sprinkled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sprinkled:

Sentence/Example of Sprinkled:

At last the Bishop turned towards the assistants and sprinkled them in their turn.

I sprinkled on more powder, and up blazed the Bengal fire again.

There were a few customers, drinking or not drinking, standing or seated, sprinkled about.

So have it kept clean and don't let it be touched or sprinkled with holy water.

They sprinkled him with ginger, but it took a long time before he woke from his coma.

Sprinkled over steak (when it must be sifted) or chops, it is delicious.

In the evening The far valleys were sprinkled with tiny lights.

The plate is then sprinkled anew with quicksilver, and is ready for use again.

She sprinkled it over the boat and made the sign of the cross.

She sprinkled the boat with the acqua benedetta and made the sign of the cross.