Sprinter [noun]

Definition of Sprinter:

competitor in a race

Synonyms of Sprinter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sprinter:


Sentence/Example of Sprinter:

Emetic was the fastest sprinter there that day; a sprinter, not a stayer.

Withrow, hearing this, was off like a sprinter who hears the signal.

Like a sprinter his volition was fixed on a goal, beyond which lay collapse.

I was like a sprinter that breasts the tape, only to be carried fainting from the field.

Then he rose, crouchingly, next made a sprinter's start and bolted.

"You're more of a sprinter than a shooter, if I'm any judge," said Locke.

Can any sprinter, carrying the same weights, surpass this achievement?

In this play he had to move and he proved he was no sprinter.

Indeed I was built more like a "quarter-miler" than a sprinter.

A sprinter may get into the Big League and never steal a base.