Sprinting [verb]

Definition of Sprinting:

run very fast

Synonyms of Sprinting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sprinting:


Sentence/Example of Sprinting:

Not so quick on a sprint—you find that yourself, Munro, eh what?

It is like unhandcuffing a prisoner and saying: “Sprint a bit, I can catch up to you.”

He broke into a sprint, trying to stay away from the fatal touch.

You was winnin' all that when you did that sprint for goal your friend Dicky was tellin' about the other day.

I've just time to drink a glass of wine and sprint for the train.

Farwell broke through them, breathless from a sprint at top speed.

It was a smart one and he did not try to take the lead; he was saving himself for the sprint.

Jud was as much surprised as if he had seen a tortoise start to sprint.

The parson made a sprint and caught the ultimate rail of the moving train.

Then I saw "London" leap the gate of the field and sprint towards the chamber.