Sprite [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sprite:

She is more futile than a sprite beseems; but she is distinctly 'nice.'

This was the question for which the sprite had stopped the moth.

All of her sprite, her mind, forlorn, were evermore hanging.

Jeanne sped on like a sprite, drawing her cap over her face.

Rose is as tall as I and has a prettier face and dances like a sprite.

The captain of the Sprite came to the rail and did not reply promptly.

You may call him an imp,Or a gnome or a sprite; And whate'er you call himYou are sure to be right.

The sprite of Colney Durance had struck him smartly overnight.

They talked of all sorts of things, but it was Sprite who gave a surprise.

Princess Polly, Rose, and Sprite stood waiting to take their places.