Sprocket [noun]

Definition of Sprocket:

toothed part of wheel

Synonyms of Sprocket:

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Sentence/Example of Sprocket:

Be sure that there are four sprocket holes for each picture.

The parts to be turned are sprocket wheels which are held in the two 9-inch chucks.

It was an internal-cut gear, according to Duryea's description, with sprocket teeth on its periphery.

An endless chain connects the sprockets on the carriage wheels to the sprocket wheels on the driving shaft.

Shortly after that hour I looked at the sledge-meter and found that it had ceased working; the sprocket had been knocked off.

Can my invention be made to do better work by putting in gears in place of that sprocket chain?

And now what I want is a patent for the sprocket and a charter for the company to put it on the market.

Chiefly, he was telling what he thought the sprocket needed to make it work upon an automobile.

The net handle must have broken, and a piece of it has become wedged in the sprocket chain that operates the propeller.

A sprocket chain in the plane of the incline and operated by the mixer engine is an excellent arrangement.