Sprouting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sprouting:

In the winter the seeds should be steeped in warm water, and the bag put in a place sufficiently hot to make them sprout.

He stared at a cylinder which was beginning to sprout tentacles from the circle.

Boys git that way when they begin to sprout hair under their noses.

The week passed by, and the old people saw that the pea had begun to sprout.

The sprout divides into two, forming the beginning of the pair of lungs.

Seed are of good vitality if a large per cent of them will sprout.

Only the acorn lay quiet in the ground and refused to sprout.

And the corn would not sprout, nor the beans, nor the maize, nor the lotus.

Chop off a tree, and it will sprout again; but root it out, and it is no more.

Occasionally, but not often, a stump will sprout and form a second crop.