Spry [adjective]

Definition of Spry:

active, vivacious

Synonyms of Spry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spry:

Sentence/Example of Spry:

He was old and snowy haired, but as fresh as a daisy and as spry as a cricket.

We have to be spry about these things if we ever intend to get wedded at all.

Little Thunder was too spry to be caught by even a pursuing bullet.

He's that spry and full of jokes and he's gettin' right spoony.

I finds him walkin' around the grounds as spry as a two-year-old.

You'll find old Jim spry an' chipper, awaitin' you with a smile on his face.

He got chased by the British ships pretty consid'able, but he was too spry for 'em.

But Shaw would be of this kind, flopping and spry to mix you up.

Though she was bent almost double, she was as spry as a gopher.

You must have had a good sleep last night, you are so bright and spry this morning.