Spurned [verb]

Definition of Spurned:

turn away; ignore

Synonyms of Spurned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spurned:

Sentence/Example of Spurned:

But anger and fear soon got the mastery of him, and he spurned her from him.

The other reading “dirmygei,” would mean he spurned, or dishonoured.

I grovelled at your feet and begged you—you spurned me as I do you now.

I spurned him from me with violence because he had maligned your wife.

He spurned to correct himself and stalked on, leaving the judge gaping.

When the friends of Jackson spurned these overtures, Clay sold out to Adams.

For the present I can only remember one of the many spurned ones.

She spurned the letter with her foot and fed the newspaper to the fire.

He spurned the proposal, and offered to do the work for nothing.

She give me candy, the fair captive did, but I spurned her bribe.