Spurring [verb]

Definition of Spurring:

incite, prompt

Synonyms of Spurring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spurring:

Sentence/Example of Spurring:

In an instant he was in his saddle and spurring down the valley.

Spurring our horses to a last gallop, we rode up to the gate.

It had the effect of spurring my determination to the striking point.

What force of doom was spurring them on in this race against Life?

The prince, spurring his gallant steed, pushed on in eager pursuit.

Dickon broke his neck in spurring a blood mare beyond her paces.

How I wished that, looking round, I might but see Ludar spurring at my side!

Ye kinge with alle his courtlie trane Is spurring on your plaice to gane.

Already Chrome is spurring eagerly forward to watch the effect.

It might have made them less eager in spurring on their steeds; still, on they came.