Spurs [noun]

Definition of Spurs:

incitement, stimulus

Synonyms of Spurs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spurs:

Sentence/Example of Spurs:

It was all in his favour that he should have been forced at first to win his spurs as an actor.

We are now in the region of the Causses; around us rise the spurs of Sauveterre and Svrac.

The boy on Lucretia is jabbing her with the spurs, and she's cutting up.

With the Porters it was jingle of spurs, and stride of the horse.

She'll buy her some spurs and try to rope and cut out and help brand.

Shorty, who had just come in from riding, unbuckled his spurs and kicked them under his bed.

As far as the eye can reach in every direction are ragged peaks and spurs.

The ground, embraced by the spurs, was filled with crops of maize and barley.

They've got spurs on their legs as long's my darnin'-needle.

Now he'd wear it and his chaps and spurs to the table, if I didn't make him take them off.