Spurt [noun]

Definition of Spurt:

burst of activity

Synonyms of Spurt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spurt:

Sentence/Example of Spurt:

A spurt of boiling water jumped into the air, and a wash of water followed.

There was no outcry; simply a spurt of blood and brain, and all was over.

"I asked him what he'd been doing with himself all the summer," Barbara went on with a spurt.

The dun had been hard ridden in the spurt to gain the mountains ahead of the posse.

A spurt of laughter dies into a shiver of repugnance at the action.

At these words Pincher took a spurt and had to be held in, lest they should overtake the wagon.

Suddenly, a spurt of smoke came from the muzzle of the rifle.

Another bullet lifted a spurt of dust almost at his horse's feet.

"You can't keep it up if you begin with such a spurt," she assured them.

A spurt of speed and Morgan was beside him, leaning over, demanding the gun.