Squabbling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Squabbling:

And there were the dogs, ever squabbling and bickering, bursting into uproars and creating confusions.

They've no business to be squabbling when the Prussians are at hand!

Drunkards were already installed in the wineshops, squabbling and gesticulating.

The girls were squabbling up in their room when his card was handed them.

So, after some squabbling and arrangement, they agreed to share our supper with us in peace.

The stir, the jostling, the squabbling of social life, are all her own.

Some time was spent among the porters in squabbling, and arranging their packs.

When I'm washing the dogs, they forget I'm there, especially if they're squabbling at all.

Flies in thousands, squabbling for his blood, and no one to beat them off.

After a good deal of squabbling,” said my aunt, “I got him; and he has been here ever since.